Open design simplifies system integration

Open ecosystem

VeloDB is built on open source Apache Doris to embrace transparency and Innovations. It allows you to reuse tools from the open source ecosystem and switch to Doris at any time, ensuring no vendor lock-in. With standard SQL and the widely adopted MySQL protocol, VeloDB ensures a shallow learning curve and effortless integration with downstream applications. The open data APIs unlock the potential of your data and eliminate data silos.

Key capabilities

Open source

100% compatible with open source Apache Doris

  • Compatible with Apache Doris storage format, flexible migration to and from Apache Doris
  • Compatible with Apache Doris ecosystem, connected to other tools by consistent interfaces
Open protocol

Support MySQL protocol, functions, and SQL dialects

  • Support MySQL Client, JDBC, ODBC
  • Support Navicat, DBeaver
  • Support all MySQL-compatible BI tools
Open data

Towards the openness of a data lake

  • Data API for high-speed read/write
  • Spark connector, Flink connector, etc.
  • Python SDK for data science and AI usage