VeloDB Enterprise is recommended to be used on-premises, on VMs, or Kubernetes for better experience and support.


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Free download

Download VeloDB Enterprise for free to harness the power of a stable and reliable Doris core and the relevant components.
Enterprise-grade distribution of Apache Doris
Leverage Apache Doris capabilities but with enterprise support

Stable core

  • A stable core that has undergone extensive testing by the QA team and community users
  • Long-term support for 12~36 months to ensure stability
  • 100% compatibility with and seamless switching to Apache Doris
selectdb cloud features

Easy to manage

  • A visualized UI designed for ease of daily operations and maintenance
  • Cluster monitoring and diagnostic capabilities to facilitate cluster changes and optimization
  • Cluster management auditing and visualized backup
  • Support deployment on K8s or in private cloud
selectdb cloud features

Easy to use

  • A friendly visual development tool
  • Auto SQL optimization without professional DBAs
  • Easy data lifecycle management based on statistics
selectdb cloud features

Strong enterprise support

  • A developer team who know the Doris kernel to the fullest
  • Response in as little as 5 minutes and emergent issue fixes within week
  • Full-time technical support team for enterprise users
  • Dedicated expert team for VIP customers
selectdb cloud features

Professional support

Provide 360-degree technical support in operation and maintenance

  • Service support

    Online ticketing system
    Remote assistance system
    Incident response team
  • Database ticketing system

    7x24 response for P0 tickets
    5x8 response for P1 tickets
    5x8 response for P2 tickets
    Out of cycle bugfix
  • Database operation maintenance

    Installation and deployment support
    Data migration support
    Database system optimization support
    Cluster scaling support
    Upgrade support
  • Documentation & training

    Documentation support
    Training courses
    Customized training
  • Expert services

    On-site support & on-site emergency response services
    Solution consultation
    Database security, operation, and maintenance consultation
    Other technical consultation services

Enterprise subscription services

Get stable services and professional support
  • Enterprise-grade distribution core, long-term support, stable
  • Access to source code for customized development
  • Technical support from professionals
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