VeloDB Global Partnership

Achieve openness and mutual benefit by providing support in development, marketing, and sales


Solution partners

·Provide general or industry-specific solutions and expand customer base together with VeloDB based on the technologies, products and resources of both parties.
·Big data software, BI tools, SaaS, ISV/SI providers.

Consultancy partners

·Big data or database professionals that provide consulting services to VeloDB users regarding their VeloDB-based solutions and plans.
·Services include architectural design, database migration, project implementation, maintenance, and management.

Distributor partners

·Big data or database professionals that provide pre-sale consultancy, sale services, and technical support.
·Expand customer base for VeloDB and get rewarded commercially.

Partner rights

  • Technical partnership

    1. Cooperation in tech communication, training, and documentation
    2. Product compatibility
    3. Design, testing, authentication, and incubation of joint solutions
    4. Case-specific optimizations
    5. Professional technical support
  • Marketing partnership

    1. Partnership agreements and press release
    2. Joint solution, partnership authorization, official display channels
    3. Release conference of joint solutions and products
    4. Use case promotion
    5. Technical meetups or salons
    6. Promotional events
  • Sales partnership

    1. Sales toolkit
    2. Shared business opportunities
    3. Collaborative marketing
    4. Revenue sharing plan

VeloDB global partnership

Towards mutual benefit

  • 1Apply to be a partner
  • 2Pass the qualification review
  • 3Sign an agreement
  • 4Become an official partner