Continuously release mature and reliable management platform and core versions to meet customer needs and optimize user experience with enhanced stability.


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Cloud-native real-time data warehouse service
Fully managed, restructured cloud-native solution based on Apache Doris.

Best performance-to-price

  • Separate storage and compute to enable elastic scaling
  • Multiple computing clusters to isolate workloads with shared data
  • Auto scaling and a pay-per-use model
selectdb cloud features

Easy to manage and use

  • One-click deployment, reduces management complexity
  • Visual development tool deeply adapted to the kernel
  • Consistent experience on multiple cloud platforms
selectdb cloud features

Security and compliance

  • Private network and encrypted connection to ensure transmission security
  • Data encryption and environment isolation for high security
  • Auditable management operations
selectdb cloud features

Professional support services

  • Routine inspections to mitigate system vulnerabilities
  • Stringent SLA to guarantee quick response to user problems
  • Regular training and best practice sharing to increase user proficiency
selectdb cloud features

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