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VeloDB is the commercial supporter of Apache Doris, the open-source, real-time data warehouse. Founded by the original developers of Apache Doris in May 2023, it provides real-time analytics products and solutions to enterprise users worldwide. Led by the key creators and contributors of Apache Doris, the VeloDB team consists of 70% R&D personnel, who are top-tier talents with extensive experience in database development and cloud computing.

Commercial supporter of Apache Doris

About Apache Doris

Apache Doris is one of the world's most popular open source analytical databases. It graduated from the Apache incubator as a Top-Level Project in June 2022. It also stands as one of the most vibrant open source communities in the global database and big data domain, attracting tens of thousands of developers to exchange ideas, knowledge, and experience. To date, Apache Doris has gained over 4,000 enterprise users worldwide, spanning across dozens of industries.

VeloDB & Apache Doris

Founded by the Apache Doris makers, VeloDB is the primary contributor to the open source project. It has dedicated a full-time technical support team to drive the continuous technological iteration and user services within the community.

  • Contributions

    50% of Doris PMC and committers onboard and a robust release mechanism to speed up iteration

  • Support

    Lead the development of essential functionalities of Doris and provide personalized support for users

  • Events

    Host the Apache Doris Summit

Industry leader of modern data warehouse

“We see the advent of a new era. We believe that modern data stack focuses on modern data warehouse, which is set to revolutionize and democratize the field of data analytics. Modern data warehouse is evolving to better real-time capabilities, as every facet of data analytics is requiring higher real-time performance.”

We are located in Singapore, Silicon Valley and Beijing

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