Doris Operator

Doris Operator applies to any Kubernetes clusters that adhere to the open source compatibility standards because of its two-level scheduler design. For each component, it utilizes Kubernetes-native StatefulSet and Autoscaler resources to manage the Pod services.

Doris Operator provides definitions for various components and resources, allowing users to build the final state YAML configuration for a Doris cluster. Based on this user-defined configuration, Doris Operator deploys the required Doris cluster on Kubernetes. Users can manage the Doris cluster easily by modifying the corresponding YAML files of the Kubernetes cluster.

K8s Operator for Apache Doris

Key capabilities

Diverse PV Management

Diverse PV management

Able to manage various Persistent Volumes, enable flexible and reliable data storage and management.
Pod Deployment Configuration

Pod deployment configuration

Support deployment configuration for Pods, including affinity and templates, to serve different resource management and scheduling needs.
Separation of Config Files and Services

Separation of config files and services

Separate configuration files and services for easier and safer configuration management as well as higher system maintainability.
Smooth Service Upgrade

Smooth service upgrade

Ensure service continuity and stability during system upgrades and eliminate negative impacts on business operations.


Provide auto-scaling capabilities for compute nodes in response to changes in resource demands and improve utilization efficiency.
Support for Helm

Support for helm

Support both Kubectl (the Kubernetes command-line tool) and Helm for interaction with Doris Operator.

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